The New Era Group offer Free Digital Signage Consultations to Independent Retailers on a National Basis. We Work with industries such as Hair and Beauty, Opticians, Food, Leisure and many other retail sectors.

Not only do we offer a number of high quality screens through our partnerships with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, we also offer the install the screens, manage them and create the screen content through a lease purchase model.

For you, this means there are no upfront costs or ongoing costs for the management of the screen or for content and animation creation. The package requires just a simple, affordable monthly payment to cover all your needs supplemented by a full time account managing working just for you which allows you to concentrate on running your business whilst we ensure you gain the maximum impact from your digital signage.

Who we Are & What we Do>>>

  • Specialists in Digital Signage Solutions for the Independent Retail Sector
  • NO upfront Fees- Lease Purchasing
  • Supply, Installation and Management of High Quality Screens for Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • Free Consultations and No Obligation Quotes
  • Free Artists Impressions and Video with all Quotes- Visit our You Tube Channel to view 100’s of examples
  • Your Screens Fully Managed by Qualified Professionals as part of the lease package
  • Initial and Ongoing Content/Video/Animation Creation provided without any Additional Costs- Worth £30,000
  • Screen Leasing with all of the above included from as little as £4 a day
  • Proven Track Record
  • National Company
  • 100% Client Satisfaction Record

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January 21, 2018

Sam Larkin, Owner, NuYu London, Greater London

Having got my New Era Group digital screen a couple of months ago, I’ve found the team to be professional and helpful with content.

The screen is getting a good response in the salon. We look forward to getting more content and offers on the screen in the future.