Bars & Nightclubs

Bars and Clubs offer an exciting platform to showcase a variety of LCD & LED screens. 

Screens can be placed and successfully utilized in bar areas, walls throughout the venue, at the side of dance floors and in front of DJ booths. By adding screens and delivering empowering content you can increase profits and create higher levels of customer experience. 

It adds something to the interior, while it can be informative to the guests. They can be both indoors and outdoors. On the screen you can either create mood-creating images, information about special dishes you would recommend, or advertise upcoming activities that will be taking place. 

As with any technology, it’s easy to “Follow the Crowd” without really understanding the value of what it is your buying.

As a business owner or manager, you need to have legitimate business use cases for what you are trying to achieve. Typically, this falls under two broad categories: solving a problem or creating an opportunity.

The main benefits venue owners find in using digital signage is its ability to show dynamic content while being able to monitor and update that content across multiple screens and locations, all from the cloud.

Here are some of the reasons bars and restaurants are using digital signage today:

  • To promote limited time offers and high-profit-margin items
  • To entertain customers while they wait – not limited to sports and news programming, but also viral   videos, music videos and more
  • To inform customers about certain products, pricing and how to order
  • To create an immersive environment 
  • To capture the attention of people as they are walking or driving by with window/street-facing signage
  • To elevate the brand
  • To monetize with advertising or sponsorship
  • To display digital art and create a desired ambiance, whether it’s relaxing or exciting

If you really want to take it to a whole new level, then check out this amazing video of “The X Pot” restaurant at The Palazzo. The video features food and drinks served by robots, 3D video projections on the walls and even directly mapped onto dinner plates in its Spectrum Dining Room.

Transform Your Bar/Nightclub