Frequently asked questions

We have numerous magazine features and countless testimonials on our website. For a more in depth review of our service, check out our Case Studies section to find out how our screens are helping business owners supercharge their sales!

We offer a FREE, no obligation digital signage consultation which ensures we can recommend the best solution, including exterior and screen content visualisations. Free Artists Impressions and videos are provided with all quotes and you can see examples of our work on our YouTube channel, linked at the bottom of the page.

To find out what will work best for your business will require an initial consultation. Here at New Era Group we are happy to discuss what you’re looking to achieve and recommend solutions that help you realise those objectives and explain the rationale behind our thinking. We don’t charge for this help and as a business we want every business to succeed and not fail with digital signage whether we are directly involved or not.

Digital signage takes way all cost and waiting time issues when compared to printing. You can display content and messages in an instant and can vary content based on the viewing audience to make it more appealing and engaging.


It’s appeal and  appearance is eye-catching and impressive. In fact customers are 10% more likely to notice moving content than static posters and 40% more likely to respond to them.. With the ability to publish offers, promotions and other bespoke content at the touch of a  button you are much more agile with digital screens than any other form of display marketing.


Many of the better known, Main high street brands, have already made the jump to using digital displays in department stores, well known take-away restaurants such as McDonalds and KFC. If the main retailers are using digital signage, so should you.


Digital signage can also be used to generate additional income from other businesses who may want to place adverts on your screen. you to generate money from advertisers, especially for places such as large shopping centres digital signage on multiple screens


Digital signage acts as an additional salesperson for your business, selling your ideas, offers, packages 24 hours a day through window dsi9;ays or in-store whilst customers are browsing, buying products, in waiting-areas or when having treatments.


Digital Signage helps build trust and confidence with customers. It also helps increase customer appeal because if your working extra hard to show off to your customers then they are much more likely to choose you over your competition. Digital Signage is also not too personal and helps create awareness of a product or service which encourages conversation to ask for more information from a member of staff which then leads to more sales or appointments.


Digital signage is a great way to help understand what your potential and current customers really want. By testing and measuring content you’ll soon find out what works and what doesn’t all of which, once discovered, will help your appeal and turnover grow.


Finally, you can display anything you choose to. From news feeds to social media feeds such as Facebook/twitter and Instagram, photographs to advertisements – the list is endless. You can put everything you need onto the same screen, at the same time.

We offer a wide variety of screens all of which suit different purposes, different customers and most importantly, different environments. In order to provide an estimate for the correct screen we would always offer a consultation in order to provide you with an accurate quote, as well as an artists impression and sample content.


As an example, our lease screens typically cost as little as £3.50 per day. 

There are literally thousands of advertising display screens on the market and we deal with the best manufacturers both in the UK and Globally. In order for us to quote “like for like” we would need to see the specification sheet of the screen you are being offered.


We choose the best screen solutions for you by identifying the correct screen for the environment within which the screen will be displayed, rather than by the lowest price point. If there is a significant difference between our quote and one from an alternate vendor, it usually means you are being sold the wrong screen for your particular application.

We ask for photos of the intended areas of screen placement in order to produce your free artists impression, giving you a visual of how the screens would look once they are installed.

We offer Lease, Rental and Outright Purchase options. For more information and to find out which is the right option for you, visit our Purchase Options page.

Yes, absolutely! We offer several purchase methods when we provide your no obligation quote, so you have more than one option to compare and choose from.

Yes, we offer screen rental for exhibitions, conferences, seminars, open days etc, as well as long-term rental with no contract.


We also offer a full content creation and campaign management service should you require it. We can even drop off and collect the screen from the event. For more details please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.

If you are self-managing your screen, we offer unlimited FREE lifetime training and video tutorials to help you every step of the way. 


Of course, if you decide you no longer have the time or the necessary know-how, we can manage the screens on your behalf for a set monthly cost when utilising our managed content service.

While we do not offer a free trial as such, we do offer the next best thing - Screen rental with no contract! If you decide at any point that the displays are not working for you, then simply let us know and we will remove them before your next payment is due.

Yes! Our team of in-house design, animation and marketing experts are all qualified and experienced in creating eye-catching and effective content. As well as offering one-off design services we also offer a monthly subscription service whereby you can work with our team to help create ongoing and ever changing campaigns to ensure you’ll always maintain the highest level of customer engagement. Some examples of our client work can be found HERE

Candela CD/M2 or Nits is the terminology used to describe the brightness level of the display panel. The word “Nit” is taken from the Latin term “to shine” and the higher the Nits or Candela, the brighter your screen will be. The more light your screen is exposed to, the higher the candela panel you’ll need in order to see the content that is being displayed clearly. Indoor environments, with no direct sunlight, we would look to recommend using 400-500 nits or candelas, for in-window displays with direct sunlight, we would recommended using 2500 candela and outdoor displays we would look at using 3500-6000 candela depending on the selection of outdoor equipment.

Contact us for a free consultation and artist’s impression