Partnerships & affiliations

All great businesses are built on great relationships. Here at New Era, we only work with partners who share our ethos!

Our partnership scheme allows us to increase our client base through meaningful recommendations and referrals from third party companies, individuals, partner sales teams, distributors, trade association members and media owners.

Since we launched our scheme in 2017, we have formed partnerships with several companies and individuals who have associations with independent retailers both in the UK and now in Europe.

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We make it easy to work together 

With our numerous marketing support tools like our easy to use, web based app, our third party referrers have the ability to show potential new customers who we, what we do, testimonials from our clients and pictures of our latest installs, before using the simple referral form to send us the details of business owners whom would like a free digital signage consultation.

Not only do we pay fantastic rates of commission, we also deliver incredible and unrivalled customer value, ensuring that you get well rewarded for your efforts and your referred customer receives the highest-level customer service and experience, which is the perfect environment for everyone.

For more details on how we can work together then please get in touch via our contact form today or pick up the phone give us a call.

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