Spa’s & Health Retreats

Spa’s and Retreats offer excellent opportunities to enhance customer experience by implementing and strategically positioning, digital signage throughout the venue. 

With numerous high “Dwell Time” areas such as reception and waiting areas, hotel rooms, poolside’s, restaurants, bars and outdoor relaxation zones being apparent in most Spa’s and Health Retreats, digital signage has the perfect stage to perform to its highest level. 

Dwell time areas offer the perfect opportunity to deliver high quality messages and video content and by doing so, gain maximum impact and high levels of receptiveness from your customer by virtue of the fact they will see this content numerous times. 

The wellness sector is undoubtedly now one of the most influential business sectors in the society and economy. With many people looking for new ways to attain physical and mental well-being, the wellness sector has gained great popularity in the past few years.

The spa industry is a highly competitive business space so retaining customers and increasing their on-site spend is critical and the Covid Pandemic, emphasised these facts even further. 

Digital signage is an innovative technology that helps businesses use visually appealing content to interact with and engage their clients. With its features, spas can now serve their clients better and streamline all their services to maximize their potential.

Getting digital signage is only half of the solution. The other half involves using empowering content to ensure that your customers impulses are triggered into making further investments into your on-site products and services, recommending you to friends and making bookings to return.

By strategically positioning numerous types of screens in the correct areas, you can take your customer on a journey through the spa and engage them at the right time with the right content and by doing so, improve their experience immensely. 

When people visit spas, they look forward to high levels of satisfaction and a relaxing experience. Digital signage contributes to this by improving the customer engagement and eliminating or alleviating customer pain points in your business, thereby delivering a hassle-free and immersive experience.

Our full range of indoor and outdoor digital signage, both LCD and LED can be incorporated and operated effortlessly to help you meet and exceed many of your key objectives. 

Check out the 3D tour Video on this page for ideas on what screens can be used and where hey can be positioned. Please also feel free to get in touch for a free consultation and whilst your here, why not browse our many products and prices.